I7 compiler error: ni (census) returned code 10

When it rain, it pours…

I’ve used I7 6M62 for a few weeks now, and recently, after loading many extensions, I now get the error message “ni (census) returning code 10” when loading extensions and compiling story text. This is only with 6M62, older versions do not display this behaviour.

I’m still able to carry on, and it doesn’t seem to affect anything, but I have the sneaking suspicion that all is not well.

I’ve un-installed and re-installed I7 6M62, with a restart of my Win7 machine. No dice!

Here too, I’m thinking it’s my newbie-ness striking again. I’ve searched on this forum and found some information about error 10, but they all say that the compiler crashes/dies, contrary to my case.

Anyone have a clue? Thx

Where does the error message show up? Is it in the Results pane?

The most common mysterious compiler error under 6M62 comes from improperly terminating certain lines, like:

if the foo is bar;
try jumping.

(should be a colon not a semicolon).

But of course that leads to a compiler failure. I’ve never heard of getting that kind of error message but having the code compile, either.

The last thing the ni compiler does after a compile is run through all the extensions, ensuring that their documentation is correctly extracted. This is what the census is. Code 10 indicates a compiler failure. Presumably you aren’t able to actually run any games as this stops the compiler?

The most likely cause is a corrupted or otherwise incorrect extension. I’d suggest removing all the extensions (other than those you actually need) in your “My Documents / Inform” folder and seeing if that gets rid of it. If you can figure out which extension is causing this it can probably be fixed.

The other thing to say is that it’s probably best to stick to getting extensions from the Extension Library (on the Extensions tab) unless you really know what you’re doing. The ones from the Extension Library should definitely work.

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matt_weiner & DavidK, thanks for both your answers, and thank you for pointing me to the extensions. The problem is solved!

I narrowed it down to one extension: “Version 1/140209 of Interpreter Sniffing (for Glulx only) by Friends of I7”. The file had a whole bunch of HTML appended within it. I very likely caused this by copying more than I’d intended.

As a reference for anyone encountering this code 10 error, with this particular behaviour:

The error message appears as a popup window immediately after a) loading an existing story or the last opened story, and b) (surprisingly enough) starting a new story with nothing but the title, not even a room declaration.


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