[I7] Changing Default Responses

Look, I searched around for this answer and I know there’s been discussion about it but I still need help.

I can’t seem to change the default responses in the new build of I7. I get a ton of errors. Apparently, it should be this simple:

I get the following error (among numerous others):

What am I doing wrong now?

Are you trying to use one of the Custom Library Messages extensions? Those don’t exist since 6L02. Look at section 14.10, 14.11 in the manual.

I’ve read those chapters in the manual. Still confused.

Can anyone (who actually wants to help) who has been able to change default replies please tell me how you went about doing so? As I stated in my initial post, I’ve read up on it but I’m still getting errors.


As Zarf said, those extensions are obsolete in the new version of I7. To change the one response you mentioned:

The quit the game rule response (A) is "Really quit...? ".

And as I’ve said, I’m getting the above error messages.

edited to add: I’m not working with any extensions. Just the standard response library and the documentation.

The one error message you’ve mentioned so far is this:

This isn’t an error message you can get with the Responses system, because the Table of Library Messages doesn’t exist any more (it was used in the library message extensions in older versions).

Try this. Create a new project, and create a single room. Don’t include any “library message” extensions. Then add the line of code I provided. See if the message changes.