I7 - Capturing The "look in" command.


I wonder if anyone can help please?

I am coding a room and doing general bug testing. I have a sink and a shower in one room, the sink is a container and can hold objects in the basin of the sink which is fine.

The shower is not a container. When you issue the “look in” commands you get the following.

look in sink
The sink is empty.

look in shower
You find nothing of interest.

This works in principle, but I want to alter the message for the shower response. I have tried the below and various alternitives that I believe it should be, all with no success.

Instead of looking into shower:
say “The shower is empty.”;

Can anyone please help?

Thank you.

The “actions” debugging command will show you the exact names of every action you type. You can also look in the “Actions” index tab, down near the bottom, in the alphabetical list of verbs.

In this case you will find that “look in/inside” is understood as the Searching action.

Thanks Zarf, all sorted now.

Apprichate your help.