[I7] Cannot get own simple(?) asking for to work..

Hi, I tried myself at some conversational code:

[code]A subject is a kind of thing.
Understand the command “ask” as something new.
Understand “ask [person] for [text]” as asking for.
asking for is an action applying to one visible thing and one topic.
advice and help are subjects.
check asking for: do nothing.
report asking for:
say “You get no response about [the second noun].”.

Bathroom is a room.
Ed is a person in bathroom.[/code]Now I tried to test it:

This confuses me. Why does it not say “You get no response about advice.”? When I try “instead of asking ed for advice: …” rules, I don’t get any of them to match and work ever, either. (so it appears the topic is just always set to “nothing”)

Your grammar matches ‘[text]’. What it matches will be in ‘the topic understood’, and the second noun will always be nothing.

There are other issues with this as well. “Asking it for” is already an action and you haven’t replaced it. You’ve created another action called “asking for” which is something entirely different. When you write ‘Instead of asking ed for advice…’ you’re writing a rule for ‘asking it for’ not ‘asking for’, but you’ve replaced the ask grammar to only point to asking for - so your instead rule will never run.

Since apparently I cannot redefine “asking it for” to apply to a thing and a topic (instead of two things which is the standard), how would I make “Instead of asking X for Y” apply to my new defined “asking for”? Or how would I write an instead rule that applies to my new invention?

Edit: should I probably go for “asking2 it for” or something weird like that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit2: Well it appears this might be way more hassle than getting Eric Eve’s Conversation Package to work nicely with my plans, so this is what I’m focussing on now. However, I’m still kinda curious how this would be solved to learn more about Inform.

I’d probably go with ‘asking it for the topic’. Then the rules become ‘asking bob for the topic “flan”’.