I7 build 4S08

I am trying to make a conversation system for a project. I decided to learn to use 4S08 for this and the tables system is slightly unusual. I am adapting this code:[code]Instead of asking someone about something:
let the source be the conversation of the noun;
if topic understood is a topic listed in source
if there is a turn stamp entry
say “[The noun] has already told you that [summary entry].”;
change turn stamp entry to the turn count;
say “[reply entry][paragraph break]”;
end if;
say “[The noun] stares at you blankly.”;
end if.

Table of Tina’s Chatter
topic reply summary turn stamp
“aasvogel” “‘Oh, it’s a vulture.’” “that an aasvogel is a vulture” a number
“acaudate” “She shrugs, mid-pour. ‘Means something doesn’t have a tail.’” “that acaudate means ‘tailless’” –
“absorptiometer” “‘It’s a thing that measures the solubility of gases in a liquid,’ she explains gently, as to a child.” “that an absorptiometer measures solubility of gasses in a liquid” –

but this does not allow for “the”. and the later “the/–” doesn’t work either. help?

Why do you want to use 4S08?

Does it truly matter WHY I want to use it?

Ok. I lost my copy of the latest build. Don’t laugh. I misplaced my flash drive.

Inform is free, you know. You can just download it again.

Yeah, it’s free, but I cannot download exes on my school computers.