I7 and Guncho: how do I tell Guncho that a PC can't see?

Hi gang,

I’m tinkering with Guncho and putting together a realm and have hit on what I think is (and will be) a fundamental problem within multi-user IF: that of vision (and possibly hearing - but that’s another, albeit related, topic).

I have changed the sleep action using a before rule to flag whenever a PC is asleep (providing they need it of course):

[code][Command: sleep]
Before sleeping:
if the actor is asleep:
say “You[’]re already asleep, you idiot.” instead;
if the current stamina of the actor is less than the maximum stamina of the actor:
now the actor is asleep;
say “Zzz…”;
tell “[The actor] has fallen asleep.” to everyone who can see the actor, except the actor;
stop the action.

Before doing anything while the actor is asleep:
say “You can’t do that, you[’]re asleep.” instead. [/code]

Now, while the PC is asleep, I don’t want them notified of world events such as other PCs or NPCs coming or going (i.e. they shouldn’t be able to see them, or hear them either for that matter).

I’d hoped to achieve that by using the following rule:

Visibility rule when the actor is blind or asleep: If the actor is blind or the actor is asleep: there is insufficient light; stop the action.
But this doesn’t work: I still get messages about other players entering or leaving, even though the PC really shouldn’t be able to ‘see’ them.

Can anyone throw any light on this for me please?


Hi all, this is the only Guncho topic I’ve found so far and I noticed that the last post was rather old. Has Guncho died? Who do you contact about possibly picking up the project?

I only ask because for three days now I’ve been trying to get into their default realm and can’t connect and their control panel doesn’t work for the same length of time. Just keeps telling me there is a database error on the control panel and that the server doesn’t exist when I try to telnet in. :frowning: