[I7] An extra, undeletable definition?

I wrote an action:

Dusting is an action applying to one thing.  Understand "dust [thing]" as dusting.

For some reason, the game accepts “rub [thing]” as dusting. I tried

Understand "rub [thing]" as a mistake.

and suddenly my dusting action failed. I tried separately defining

Rubbing is an action applying to one thing. Understand "rub [thing]" as rubbing. carry out rubbing: say "That[']s not a verb I recognise."

And, nope, still counts as dusting. Is this a standard definition that is causing me problems? Where can I find these?

Looks like I7’s standard library by default marks “dust” as being the same as “rub.”

You can separate dust by first indicating that it is “something new”:

Understand the command "dust" as something new.

Now you can define your own dust command that is independent of rubbing.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, the Index has the “actions” tab which displays useful information about things like this. Definitely one of the more useful index pages if your game is going to have a lot of custom/modified actions and commands.

That fixed my problem and was super handy! Thank you.