I7: Adjacent Rooms

Despite having read the documentation about adjacent rooms, I still don’t get how to solve my simple problem: I have two adjacent rooms, and I want to show persons present in room 2 in the description of room 1. And vice versa. And the same fro room X and Y. So what I’d need is a simple way to display people in certain rooms, which exceeds my current abilities to deal with room description. Is there a way to insert a function call within a room description passing the target room as a parameter and returning nothing or a string like “person A” or “person A and person B”, or how should I solve this?

I may have misunderstood your question, and I didn’t test this, but it seems to me that something like “the list of people in the parlor” should work: “[if a person is in the parlor]From here, you can see [the list of people in the parlor].[end if]”

You know what I love about this community? I posted my problem, just checked if there’s any news on Mean IF Reviews, came back and found exactly what I needed. I’m loving it! Thanks a lot!

Are you looking for something like this?

[code]The Living Room is a room. The Front Yard is a room. “Roses bloom in neat rows along the path up to the house.”
The Bathroom is east from the Living Room.

Bob is a person. Pete is a person.

Viewability relates one room to another (called the adjacent place).

The verb to be viewable from implies the viewability relation.

Definition: a room is viewable if it is viewable from a room.

The Living Room is viewable from The Front Yard.
The description of the Living Room is usually “Your living room.”

The front windows are scenery in the Living Room. The front windows are plural-named. The description of the front windows is usually “Through the windows, you can see the garden. [Description of the Front Yard] [Important events in the adjacent place of the Living Room].”.

After looking in a viewable room:
say “[important events in the adjacent place of the location].”

To say important events in (target - a room):
let N be the printed name of the target in lower case;
if there is a person in target:
say “[A random person in target] is walking in the [N]”;
say “All seems quiet in the [N]”;

Every turn:
if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
now Bob is in the Front Yard;
if a random chance of 1 in 2 succeeds:
now Pete is in the Front Yard;

Test me with “l / x windows / l / x windows / l”;[/code]

Wow. That’s the elegant solution. I’ll try it, for I have quite some rooms where I want to apply this.