[I7] Adding an image - aspect ratio & resolution?

A kind person has offered to render an image for my game.

He asked me what aspect ratio and resolution I want it to be. All I could find in the documentation is that images must be png or jpg format.

Is there any agreed standard minimum spec that suits all the different platforms the player might play the game on?

Do you mean for a cover image? Section 25.8 of the manual says that a square of 960x960 is standard.

It’s an in-game picture, showing one of the locations. At this stage it’s the only picture in the game. (I have a separately commissioned artwork for the cover.)

I wondered if there might be some guidance on what works in all situations (on a desktop and on a tablet and on a phone, and in a web browser and in advanced interpreters, etc). I don’t want to make it too big it doesn’t all fit on the screen for some people, or a resolution that’s too high to be displayed in some (i.e. most) cases.

It’s possibly more a general computer question that an I7 query. These might not even be realistic worries, though s23.2 of the documentation advises:

I suppose it’s safe to assume everything is 16:9 landscape and keep the file size as compact as possible?

Not really.

IF interpreters display like web browsers – the window can be any size, and if it’s on a mobile device, it can be any orientation. The problem is that we don’t have the CSS-query infrastructure that web pages use for completely responsive size adjustment.

If you’re displaying in a graphics window, you can measure the pixel size and scale the image down. For images in text windows, we just don’t have a great solution.

(An infra-great, but effective, solution is to open a graphics window briefly and measure its pixel width.)

Thanks zarf (and Dannii).

I assumed it was complicated! I hoped someone else had raised it before and some bottom-level spec had been suggested. Oh well!

I had a quick look at the I7 documentation but couldn’t find anything on graphics windows. Is there somewhere I can find out about how to do this, please?

The easiest way is with the Simple Graphical Window extension, the latest version of which is here: github.com/i7/extensions/blob/m … Window.i7x

Thanks Dannii.