[i7 6L02] Hyperlinks odd behavior

I’ve rewritten (for 6L02) my “Hyperlink Interface”, an extension heavily based on “Keyword Interface” by Aaron Reed that substitutes the emphasized keywords with hyperlinks. It’s available here:
github.com/i7/extensions/blob/m … erface.i7x

The extension works perfectly online with Quixe and offline with Gargoyle, but I’m experiencing an odd behavior in the Inform 7 editor (at least on the Linux version). In fact, using the example included in the documentation, after one or two clicks on the hyperlinks, the editor suddenly disappears (I think it chrashes). To avoid the crash, at the beginning of the game I have to type two times a “look” command (but it probably works with other commands, too) using the keyboard, then clicking on the hyperlinks cause no more crashes.

This is quite annoying. Is it a known problem of the editor? Could it be a bug in my code?
Thank you in advance for any help.