[I7 6G60] Values in actions

A quick question:

[code]Living room is a room. Jane is a woman in living room. Player is Jane.

Colour is a kind of a value. Colours are red, blue and yellow.
A box is a kind of a container. A box has a colour. The colour of a box is usually red.

Cardboard box is a box. It is in living room.

Colouring it to is an action applying to one thing and one value. Understand “colour [a box] to [a colour]” as colouring it to.
Carry out an actor colouring something to:
now noun is [???];[/code]

I can’t figure out how to refer to a given value when performing an action. “Noun” refers to the thing, but what would I use if I wanted to refer to the value given?

It’s “the colour understood”. See 17.9.

And so it is. Thanks!