I7 6G: x cot vs x cot.x cot

I have the following code below. Well, it’s a bit more complicated, but this is a minimal replication case.

[code]“two-cots” by Andrew

room 1 is a room.

the big cot is scenery in room 1. the small cot is scenery in room 1.

my-cot is a thing that varies.

when play begins: now my-cot is random scenery in room 1.

does the player mean doing something with my-cot: it is very likely.[/code]

In 6g

x cot
(the small cot)
You see nothing special about the small cot.

x cot.x cot
Which do you mean, the big cot or the small cot?

This works OK in 6M, but unfortunately my project is in 6G and it’s very close to the Z8 limit and I’d like to keep it under.

Is there any easy fix for this (unfortunately porting to 6M won’t be easy) besides a warning that periods may disrupt the parser at points if you use more complex commands than going?

Also, and this is a side question, but is there any way to get started debugging for this sort of thing that >RULES doesn’t catch? It’s probably past time I took that step.


Maybe try the fix described in inform7.com/mantis/view.php?id=835 .

Debugging this stuff involves the TRACE debugging verb, or else modifying the I6 code to add debugging print statements. Neither is a lot of fun.

Sweet! Thanks. Looking at the code, that feels right and makes sense, so this saves me a lot of time and worry.

I don’t foresee myself debugging too much I6, but it’s good not to feel totally hopeless. So TRACE it is.

The irony is, I had to disable TRACE for another of my games that used the TRACE verb, so I’m coming full circle.