I6 - whats wrong with this code

Before you ask, i dont have a compiler that lets me read the error messages. here is the code:

Constant Story “Testing”;

Constant Headline
“^a test zone^”;

Release 8;

Include “Parser”;
Include “VerbLib”;
Include “Grammar”;

[ Initialise;

   location = test ;


class room
with description
has light;

room test "test zone"
 with description "Various tests are undertaken in this room",
 has ;

Object -> hunger "hungry little snark"
 with name "hungry" "little" "snark",
      description "A hungry little Snark",
      hunger_level 12,
      daemon[print"~I'm hungry~ says the snark";],
 has ;

please help :unamused:

Grammar should be included at the end.

I’m pretty sure the line


needs a semicolon after it. There should also be a semicolon, I think, after the opening bracket in the daemon routine:

daemon [; print !...etc.

Which compiler are you using?

If your compiler doesn’t display error messages it’s going to be a very frustrating experience trying to complete any project.

I’m using the windows 6.32.

Problem solved. made a batch file that works.