I6: Verb with multiple objects

I didn’t expect to stumble across a problem here, but… I’d like to parse “disconnect hatchet and rope”.

[ DisconnectSub;
    if(noun~=rope && noun~=hatchet) "You cannot disconnect that.";
    if(second~=rope && second~=hatchet) "You cannot disconnect that.";

Verb 'disconnect' * noun -> Disconnect;
Extend 'disconnect' * noun 'and' noun -> Disconnect;

That as a start, to be refined later. Result:

What do you want to disconnec?

disconnect hatchet
What do you want to disconnec the hatchet and?

disconnect hatchet and rope
You can’t use multiple objects with that verb.

Erm… What am I doing wrong again?

The parser thinks you are trying to refer to a multiple object. In other words it thinks “disconnect hatchet and rope” is the same as “take hatchet and rope” before it even finds the ‘and’ preposition in your verb definition.

The solution is to change ‘and’ to another preposition, such as ‘from’.

Works, thanks!