[I6] Using Inform 7 IDE with Inform 6 code?

I’m kind of new to learning this whole IF stuff, so after comparing some code at the Cloak of Darkness, I think I prefer Inform 6 to Inform 7, however, I really like Inform 7’s IDE (for GNOME), with its built-in ability to play, built in documentation, etc. Is there a way I can use Inform 7’s IDE, but write Inform 6 code? Or is there some tool I should check-out (Linux-compatible) for developing Inform 6 with some similar features (I don’t like VIM/Emacs)?

Basically, no. You can use any text editor to write I6 code, and some editors will let you do the appropriate syntax coloring (I’ve had good luck with Notepad++, but I’m running Windows 7, not Linux), or even code folding. I6 has a few of the same testing features as I7, including the ability to record and replay a transcript of commands. But there’s no equivalent for the Index or the Skein, and you’ll need to write a batch file if you want a double-click game launch, as there’s no Play button.

Personally, I’m a big fan of I6. The initial setup to create a game is a bit more finicky, but once you’ve got it set up, the I6 syntax is (in my personal opinion) easier to work with.