[I6] Tracing Movement

I have an object which in its description features something that needs to be interactable (a camping stove features a petrol tank which the player needs to interact with). While there’s probably an elegant solution, the first thing I came up with is placing two objects (camping stove (visible) and petrol tank (invisible)) next to each other and move the second one whenever the first one is moved.
Now, how can I detect if object 1 is moved so that I can move object 2 as well?
More elegant solution appreciated as well. :wink:

from the built-in manual,

3.23. Parts of things

While that probably works perfectly, do you have any idea how to realize that in I6?

Best way to do this is with the add_to_scope property.

As Emily said – read up on add_to_scope. It’s very handy.

Works as intended! Thanks for the help!