I6: Scenicr.h

After some wrangling with the code I finally got Scenicr.h to compile, only to find that the scenic property doesn’t work. The scenicr property, however, does work. So if a location has scenic “trees” and scenicr “shrubs” only the shrubs are recognised by the parser. The trees result in You can’t see any such thing.

sigh You didn’t even contact me about the problem, but took it public first. (Contact information is right there in the code.)

Well anyhow, let’s start at square one: what does ‘wrangling with the code’ mean specifically?

In my WIP, I include “scenic.r” in the usual place. I also use scenic objects quite a bit.

Email sent. By the way, the sturmdrang link is defunct. Please update it, as I’m rather curious about your incendiary views.

You just need to omit the hyphen: http://sturmdrangif.wordpress.com/

Ack. Well, that might explain some of the weird typo redirection hits I’ve gotten lately. laughs