[I6] Remote Control

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I want to have a remote control with a few controls: A lever that you can push up or down, a button to press and a joystick that can be moved in the four cardinal directions. I did that way too complicated I think - four different objects, with the remote control being a container and the three controls being moved into the remote through a daemon. Doesn’t work at all, and somehow I lost sight of the whole picture and need to step back and re-do it. What is a good way to set this configuration of objects up?

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Put an add_to_scope property on the remote and list the controls. That’s the easiest way to do parts-of-object in I6.


Thanks Zarf, that worked. I looked up example #103 in the manual, and found it to have the same problem as my remote control: Attempting to take one of the “scoped” items results in an error. How can I fix that?

You can have a react_before in the remote control. Something like this:

react_before [;
Examine, Look, Search, Push: rfalse;
default: if(noun in self) "You can’t really do much with “, (the) noun, " except push it.”;

Of course, another option is to create a class for the remote control buttons, and put a before-routine in it. I think both make just about the same amount of sense.