I6: Point releases for the Standard Library

It seems clear to me now that the Inform6 Standard Library will need to be updated more often and for repairing minor but really irritating bugs. Therefore, I will introduce point releases for it. I want to get some feedback Historically the library has been depicted as $major/$minor. Here are three possible ways of doing it.

You should consider Semantic Versioning as well. (Which happens to be the same scheme for how Zarf versions Glulx and Glk.)

But it may not be all that appropriate, as backwards incompatible changes require a major version increment, so it depends how often you make those. It would get rather confusing to have the I6 library with a version number that doesn’t start with a 6 :wink:.

Historically, any significant change in the Inform library breaks backwards compatibility for game code. (This is true in I7 too.) There’s too much tangled behavior to specify a clean update.

I like “6/release/bugfix”. If there’s an overhaul big enough to call it a major release, you might want to jump to “8/1” to avoid confusion. :slight_smile:

And then, every once in a while when someone comes in and asks about Inform 8, you can point them to the new I6 release. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stuff like that is why I still don’t think that Inform7 is a good name for that language. Inform versions 1 through 6 had all been progressively similar to each other. Inform7, being completely different, should have had a completely different name.

I voted for “Natural Inform” but Graham didn’t like it.