I6: Object description of switchable object

I have an object with the attributes “static scenery container open switchable”. It is a coffee machine. Examining it always ends with “The coffee machine is currently switched on/off.” I want to suppress that because I need to have my own desciption (which is currently displayed additionally: “It is currently switched on, producing coffee.The coffee machine is currently switched on.” How do I suppress the default messages?

Object -> coffee_machine "coffee machine"
  with name 'coffee' 'machine',
       description [;
           print "It is currently switched ";
           if (self has on) {
               "on, producing coffee.";
       before [;
               PrintOrRun(self, description);
  has static scenery container open switchable;

Edit: Fixed description property so that the machine isn’t “off, producing coffee.”

Works like a charm. Thanks very much for your help!!