[I6] Maximum name length

What is the maximum name length for an object property?


Object.tpctmpl1 = true;
Object.tpctmpl2 = true;

Both of these are 8 characters in length, they don’t seem to collide, and I don’t notice a problem, but what is the maximum length?

If I started to use 19 characters, would Inform 6 start to have problems:

Object.tpcimplcrtstksttrm1 = true;
Object.tpcimplcrtstksttrm2 = true;
Object.tpcimplcrtstksttrm3 = true;

It seems minor, but I think I remember C having name lengths, I’m just wondering where the cut off is.

Thanks - D

If you try to use a symbol name over 5000 letters long, I think you’ll have to increase SYMBOLS_CHUNK_SIZE. That’s the only limit I know of.

(C hasn’t had symbol size limits like those in a long time, either.)

Nice, thanks again.

Inform does go back to the mid 90s, so I did know if it had old limitations.

And not knowing was like wondering if I was programing a time bomb into my game. :open_mouth:

Thanks for all the help - D