I6: Looking out of a Vehicle

I have the player sit in a canoe. Problem is that then he can’t examine stuff in the room the canoe is in. Is there an easy solution for this? Have I maybe just forgotten a property?

Is the canoe a container or supporter? If it’s a container, is it transparent?

Works. Forgot the supporter property. Annoying, such a stupid mistake… Thanks!

Next problem in this context: I sit in my canoe and can examine all the stuff around. There’s also an object which should be takeable but not show up in the room description. In fact it’s five objects of the same class.

Attempt 1: “concealed” property. Result: Not takeable.
Attempt 2: Overwritten “describe” with an empty string if object is right here. Problem: Five ugly empty lines in the room description. Any way to work around this? Like, a “cursor up” string in the “describe” string?

Set the describe to 0 rather than “”.

You can also use a conditional describe routine. Return false to list the object normally in the room, true to skip its description entirely, or print a string and return true.