[I6] Is there any reason not to use the standard library?

I love Inform 6. I love the Triform library, and I have no experience with the other alternative library (Platypus, I think).
In fact, I’ve recently uploaded a triform version of Phtalkoo.h to the IF archive, with a few changes. (The “Character” class is now called " Converser", and the objectloop has been separated into a routine called QuipInit, which requires less typing. What can I say, I’m lazy.)
[Note to the archive maintenance staff: I’ve just re-uploaded said file, to fix some bugs in the code–a couple of routine calls I forgot to remove, plus the “Joe Schmo” example game was missing as well.]

I’m currently designing a project which will be written in I6, and I have an interesting question which (I think) deserves further discussion.

Is there any reason not to use the standard library? For all of triforms additions, some of them are erroneous and can bloat the game a bit.

I’m not sure what answer you are looking for. Each of the alternative libraries changes some things. You may like these changes or not; I can’t answer that. (I haven’t looked at any of them in years.)

The standard 6/11 library has a few bugs. The 6/12 library project has fixed some of these but is not itself fully debugged. If one of these bugs makes your game harder to write, that may be a reason not to use it.

All of these things are tradeoffs.

Good point.

If you come across a bug in the 6/12 series, I’d love to hear about it so I can fix it.