I6 : Inform 6 Library 6.12 (without voices and tenses) for french

I maintain the Inform 6 Library 6.12 (without voices and tenses) for french.
I’m not a programmer, but I’m trying to do my best.
You can find them in this repository: auraes / inform6lib_fr · GitLab
Thanks to David Griffith for his efforts to internationalize libraries 6.12 and thanks also to him for the UTF-8 support of Unix Frotz!


Thanks. Are you thinking of adding voices and tenses to the French library? I’m glad to answer whatever questions you have, but I know almost nothing of French. If framed in Spanish, I might be helpful.

No, I’m sorry. My English is too bad ; the grammar and conjugation of verbs in French is not simple! But maybe someone will try and succeed.

I have just made the radical choice to set the accents for the verbs and names of the objects of the French library 6.12 on which I am currently working.
Now that I know, I can use the Zcharacter directive to save space in the dictionary, I do.
Radical, because until now, accents, if any, were removed after the player entered and everything happened as if there had never been any.
I guess for people who speak and have English keyboards (or any other reason), this can be a problem.
But do these people play French games?

Does this entail a change outside of the French language file? If so, I’d like to see how I can make it coexist with the regular English library.

No, there is no reason why this should imply a change outside the French language file.
Accents seem to be handled like normal characters, except that they take up a little more space in the dictionary. But with the Zcharacter directive, this is acceptable.