[i6] I'm missing something dumb in pronoun-debug code


I have the following code that detects what it/him/her/them are. This is (or can be) useful to me when things happen like in example 314 (bowl of petunias) and the pronouns aren’t what I’d expect. However, I’m getting the #s of the objects insted of the object names, and as a novice I6 programmer, I can’t figure what I’m doing wrong.

Code from here https://intfiction.org/t/useful-i6-hooks-in-i7/5389/1 works to change stuff but I don’t know how to print the name instead of the item # you can see when you type TREE.

[code]“itthem” by Andrew Schultz

room 1 is a room. the toy is a thing in room 1. the coins are plural-named things in room 1. biff is a person in room 1. fifi is a female person in room 1.

every turn:
say “[pron-1]”;

to say pron-1:
print “It=”, (LanguagePronouns–>3), “^Him=”, (LanguagePronouns–>6), “^Her=”, (LanguagePronouns–>9), “^Them=”, (LanguagePronouns–>12), “.^”;

test pron with “x biff/pron/x fifi/pron/x toy/pron/x coins/pron”[/code]

Thanks for any help!

print “It=”, (name) (LanguagePronouns–>3);

…and so on.

There is a “NOUNS” debug command that prints these, by the way.

Wow, thanks on both counts! I just realized I’d seen (name) before, so I’ll try to look for that sort of thing more in the future.

Correction: NOUNS/PRONOUNS is a meta command which is always available (not just in debug mode).