[I6] Fix for "Extra copies of dictionary words in z3"

The values of the functions Dword__No() and No__Dword(), of the I6 library, seem to be wrong for version v3. This is probably related to the modification on the compiler.

I6 library:
[ Dword__No w; return (w-(HDR_DICTIONARY-->0 + 7))/9; ];
[ No__Dword n; return HDR_DICTIONARY-->0 + 7 + 9*n; ];

For version v3, you have to divide by 6 and not by 9 now.
I don’t know if the fix has consequences elsewhere.

I wonder if the 6/11 and 6/12 versions of the libraries support the v3 version? If not, this probably doesn’t pose any particular problems!

No, not in the slightest. :) They require v5 or higher.

There are a few bits of code in the 6/11 library which check #IfV3;. This is vestigial, though.