[I6] Entering distinguishable rooms

Yet another problem. I got a room with two attached cabins. I defined the two cabins as rooms and as objects as well. Examining the cabins works fine, but when I enter one, I’m teleported into an object I think. Code is Object -> obj_cabin1 "Carl's and Naomi's cabin" with name 'carls' 'naomis' 'cabin', description "From the outside you can't say much about Carl's and Naomi's cabin.", before [; Enter: print "You enter Carl's and Naomi's cabin.^^"; move player to cabin1; rtrue; ], has static scenery proper enterable;
Input to parse is “enter carls cabin”. The print command is executed, but then I’m in a room or object called “The In carl’s and Naomi’s cabin”. What have I done wrong? The room code is Room cabin1 "In Carl's and Naomi's cabin" with description "Minimalistic, to use an euphemism. Well, the Fiona was not the most expensive yacht to rent, so you'll have to live with the six square metre cabins it offers. A bunk bed for Carl and Naomi is the single furniture of this dark and airless hole. But it's clean and features nice wooden paneling. A door leads out.", each_turn [; dummy=random(4); if (dummy==1) "The Fiona is heeling dangerously."; if (dummy==2) "The Fiona creaks and moans miserably."; rfalse; ], out_to ship_lounge;

In I6 you must use the PlayerTo() function to move the player around.