[I6] double free or corruption bug with undeclared variable

Posting this here because inform7.com and therefore our Mantis bug tracker is currently down (see https://intfiction.org/t/inform7-com-has-messed-up-dns/11129/1).

While tinkering with Possessive() in english.h in the Inform6 Library (for https://intfiction.org/t/i6-referring-to-body-parts-with-your/11122/1), I wound up getting this error when compiling a simple test game:

$ inform +./ wave.inf 
Inform 6.34 for Unix (5th March 2016)
"./English.h", line 643: Error:  No such constant as "obj2"
*** Error in `inform': double free or corruption (!prev): 0x0000000001408d10 ***

Here’s the modified english.h:

[ Possessive obj caps owned; ! "owned" is a new parameter
    if (obj == player) {
        if (player provides narrative_voice) switch(player.narrative_voice) {
          1:  if (caps) print "M"; else print "m"; print "y"; return;
          2:  ! Do nothing.
          3:  CDefart(player);
              print "'s"; return;
          default: RunTimeError(16, player.narrative_voice);
        if (caps) print "Y"; else print "y";
        print "our"; return;

! This is the new block of code
    if (owned) {
!       CDefart(obj);
        print "'s";

    if (caps) print "H"; else print "h";
    if (obj has male) { print "is"; return; }
    if (obj has female) { print "er"; return; }
    if (caps) print "I"; else { print "i"; print "ts"; return; }

The compiler correctly complained about “obj2” being undeclared, but somehow the precise way I did this caused the compiler to choke. Yes, it would abort anyway, but this is abnormal, right?

Now here’s a test game:

Constant Story "ROCKS";
Constant Headline "^An Interactive Bug Reproduction^";
Constant DEBUG;

Include "parser.h";
Include "verblib.h";

Object Start_Room "Somewhere"
  with description "You're not sure where you are.",
  has light;

Class Rock
	with name "rock" "rocks//p",
	short_name "rock",
	plural "rocks";

Rock ->;
Rock ->;
Rock ->;
Rock ->;

[ Initialise;
  location = Start_Room;
  "It is time to do some bugfixing...";

Include "grammar.h";

I will take a look next week. (It’s GDC currently.)

Issue reported at inform7.com/mantis/view.php?id=2000