[I6] Customizing description of supporters

Okay, I’ve been bashing my head against this problem for a while now. Whenever I have (for instance) a supporter in my I6 game, I tend to want the same kind of output control as I have in Inform 7. In other words, I want to be able to do something like this:

It seems fairly straightforward, and I’m puzzled at the DM4’s silence on the subject. I’ve trolled the newsgroup despite Google Groups’s horrible new interface, but hours later I’m not much wiser. How can I conditionally override the straitjacket of I6’s standard means of listing items inline as part of a room description? If I want to hide certain things without having them invisible once taken, how can I effect that? Et cetera.

I don’t have time today to work out the code, but I checked on Roger Firth’s Inform FAQ, and this page looks to be helpful:


Thank you. That did the trick, I think.