[I6]checking tandy bit

Someone known how to check the tandy bit in Inform 6 ? (I want to experiment about (ab)using it as debug flag…)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

This is byte 1, bit 3. Infocom only used it in v3; I’ve never been sure whether it was considered to exist in V4/5.

So this would be:

flag = (0->1) & 8;

You can see this in the Witness source code (ZIL):

<ROUTINE TANDY? () <NOT <==? <BAND <GETB 0 1> 8> 0>>>
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Thanks, Zarf ! I’ll test this and eventually report (all the tandy bit needs to do is placing my “One Ring of Impdom” in player’s finger…)