[I6] Calling property gives fatal error

I’m attempting to assign methods by class to generalize behavior across the game. However, I can’t seem to find how to do that without using actions, which feels like a pretty unnecessary step. When I try to create an object- or class-specific method, like so:

[ Initialise;
    location = Home;


Object Home "Home Sweet Home"
  with  description "You're in your home!",
  has	light;

Object -> Rock "rock"
  with	name 'rock' 'stone' 'pebble',
		description "Just a rock.",
  after [;
  crack [;
		self.description = "It's turned into a diamond!";

…then it yields the following error in Gargoyle:

[code]Home Sweet Home
You’re in your home!

You can see a rock here.

get rock

drop it

fatal error: illegal opcode (pc = 0x14d)[/code]

I’m pretty sure I’m doing something very wrong here, but I can’t see what.

In I6, I’m pretty sure you need to use the self keyword:


It should work, but I already tried it and…-


Oh. Thank you. :blush:

Seriously, I have no idea what I did differently last time, but somehow I must have overlooked it.