[i6/blorb] Pictures not showing up in a blorbed game?

Hey all -

I’m trying, for no good reason, to get images to display in a glulx game without using I7. I’ve borrowed the cBlorb.exe from Inform’s release package and written a blurb file, and the whole thing compiles fine, except that the blorb program says:

Completed: wrote blorb file of size 792624 bytes (2 picture(s), 0 sound(s))

but calling glk_image_draw on the resource numbers does nothing (Resource numbers 2 & 3, because I have a cover image, which now I think about it also never shows up). (Specifically, I’m calling:

glk_image_draw(BaseWindow.refnum, i, imagealign_InlineCenter, 0);

and it’s returning false.)

Am I missing something? Using the trace option suggests cBlorb is finding the images correctly.


What interpreter are you using to test with? It might be that the interpreter doesn’t support inline images in text buffer windows: one way to check would be to make the game call


and then print the result. If that doesn’t help but the Blorb file somewhere publicly available and I’m happy to have a look at it.

Aw, heck. I ran it this morning and there they were. My compile-and-run batchfile was pointing to the .ulx and not the .gblorb.

Going back to sleep now…