[I6] Attributes

Dear all,

I have an object “X’s and Y’s rucksacks”. I gave it “static” and “pluralname”. In the room decription it’s listed as “some X’s and Y’s rucksacks”. How can I get rid of the “some”?

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You set the property article, adding a with article "", to the definition of the object.

Thanks! Only flaw: Now there’s a space before the object (“You see X’s and Y’s rucksacks here.”).

Ah, yes! It adds that blank space after the article.
Well, you can get rid of it by using the property articles (in the plural) instead.
Then you have to specify all three articles for the object: capitalized definite article, non-capitalized definite article and non-capitalized indefinite article (there is no distinct capitalized indefinite article). This property does not add a blank space automatically.


with articles "The " "the " "",

or perhaps for this object you’d prefer

with articles "" "" "",

Thanks, didn’t know the “articles” attribute before. Didn’t help here, but it seems the “proper” attribute does the trick.