I wrote a Post Mortem for Body Bargain

Since public discussion is - I assume! - now okay, I wrote a post mortem for my IF Comp Game.

It’s here:

second-truth.blogspot.com/2012/1 … ortem.html

I want to mention in particular that I noticed there was some controversy about my blurb on day one. I didn’t say anything because of the discussion rule, but, honestly: I just screwed up writing the blurb. The game was “finished” when I released it in October (except for having bugs, which it both did and still does, if somewhat less-so). (So there will be a post-comp version at some point.)

I’ve been writing reviews to the community for a few years and I’ve been on IF MUD but I realize I’m largely a lurker/stranger on the forums. So this was a hell of a way to jump in in that regard. I’ve really enjoyed reading people’s feedback about the game (even those that disliked it).