I want a temporary variable to last for a few passages. Is that possible?

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Twine Version: Most recent? I’m new, so not sure.
Story Format: Harlowe

I’m wanting to create a series of passages as a fight scene, and so I need to track the enemies health. Is there any way I can do this without having that health exist as a permanent variable, or would it be better to just keep it permanent?

{(set: _skulldog1 to 25)
(set: _skulldog2 to 25)
(set: _skulldog3 to 25)
(set: _skulldog4 to 25)
(set: _skulldog5 to 25)}

As you wait, you hear a growl from over a small rise, and a second later, a pack of skull dogs trots over it, sizing you up.

They're rather terrifying, with flesh seeming to slide around their bony frames as they move, and as the doctor described, no flesh or fur at all covering their skulls.

What her description //hadn't// prepared you for was the piercing red glow from within their empty eye sockets.


By essence a temporary variable is lost the very instant you change passage. I think you might use (display: "Shoot") to stay in the same passage.