I’ve made a “documentation remix” of DM4

I don’t know who’d be interested but as an exercise, I’ve been redesigning the DM4 documentation’s styling to make it more readable (including on mobile devices).

This is a work in progress and mostly just as an excuse to hone my web development skills, but hopefully some of you find it makes for a better reading experience.

DM4 Documentation Remix


A good start! The yellow code blocks are still too small on my phone though.

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Nice! Is this purely a CSS replacement?

Full-justified text looks nice but can lead to strange spacing, particularly when there’s inline fixed-width font. It may be better to use ragged-right.

The purple “aside” blocks don’t really show the structure – you can’t tell whether a commentary is one purple block, or two separated by a green block, or what. This is not your fault – that structure isn’t represented in the HTML at all! But it makes it tricky to apply color.


Very nice work indeed!
Yes, on my phones the text is still small (consider I, as an almost-boomer, have the screen magnifying on as default on iOS), so you may want to, like, double the “em” everywhere.

I’m liking it!

ETA. I dunno why I replied to Dannii. Did I mention my boomerism?


Yes, only CSS! I didn’t want to mess with the HTML files.

I will definitely be working on making this look better on mobile and making refinements here and there, including justification changes. Mostly it’s an excuse for me to learn CSS :slight_smile:

At one point I had the aside blocks actually on the side but then too often the asides were not truly asides—they were integral to the content in the chapter and in the exact location among the non-aside text that surrounds it, so I decided to just have everything be stacked block elements.

It’s a really enjoyable read and unlike any other books on programming I’ve read. Not a lot of programming books have as many footnotes as a DFW novel, references to Tom Stoppard, a King Crimson quote and Adrian Belew listed in its index.

EDIT: And a Peter Gabriel quote from Genesis Live. Incredible.