I started a blog (that started the whole world crying)

I decided to start a blog to post random thoughts on IF. In case you’re interested, here’s the link: http://marshal-winter.livejournal.com/?r=h, but not much is there (yet).


Yes, I saw it was on Planet-If. I’ve been thinking about starting an IF-related blog for the last year now but I’ve yet to sit down and post.

Are you still doing SPAG?

Uh, I’ve got an interview with Peter Pears upcoming in #62 if and when that’s released. I didn’t want to spam SPAG with articles, but it’s quite likely I’ll also submit something for #63 if that ever happens.

Do eeeet!

SORRYYYYY, it will happen, I promise! Just when exactly I can’t say. I’m feeling overly busy with life things which must take priority.

Ah of course, I’ve been there many times myself. Good luck becoming less busy!

It’s a good blog. I enjoyed your writing and have downloaded several of your games. I look forward to seeing what else you come up with. But personally, my stimulant of choice when I’m writing is caffeine…

Thanks! Will catch-up on your blog, too!

BTW, I tried posting comments on your blog, but each time it said something like “This will be marked as SPAM” based on the admin settings etc.


If you are trying to post a link, it will do that. I will look into seeing if i can disable it.