I need some help about entering a game in IFDB

I am making a text adventure version of the first Harry Potter book. I’m not sure if I can submit it to IFDB, because they say in their rules that you cannot violate any copyrighting, but I don’t know if my game does. I’m not making any money off it; I just like Harry Potter, and text adventures. Can I post it there? If anyone can enlighten me, I’d be grateful. Here’s the link:

Thank you!

Hello, where are you reading info about copyright? I might just be high, but I can’t find what you might be referring to.

Although I shouldn’t think there’d be any problems, I would encourage you to ask Michael Roberts directly: ifdb.tads.org/contact

Also, nothing would prevent you from announcing the game here in this forum. :wink:

I can’t find that part either, but I’m pretty sure it refers to things like linking directly to pirated copies of commercial games. There are already fanfic games (and Harry Potter fanfic games) listed so yours should be ok too.

Thanks guys! in case you were wondering, ifdb.tads.org/copyright is the copyright section. I think i’ll just upload it and stop fussing.

(There’s also a line in the “terms of service” page.)

The “user-contributed items” (stuff you upload to IFDB) doesn’t include the game itself, anyhow. Plagiarizing a review and uploading it to IFDB would be a violation of the terms of service. Fanfic is not a problem.

Mind you, although I don’t think this is likely to be a problem, this isn’t just a fanfic. The game seems to use a lot of prose verbatim from the book; the book is a text-only medium; so it’s directly using content from a book that’s still being sold.

Again, I don’t foresee any practical difficulties, but as a thought exercise, IS it a copyright violation to distribute a game that’s based on a book and uses 100% of its text? Carefully edited, of course, so that some of it might not be immediately visible because it’s a response to a certain command.

I don’t say this to discourage you, ojzcroc, merely out of interest. Do go on, the first chapter seems interesting, and do let us know when you finish more.

That was why I asked in the first place; I know this isn’t a fanfic. Anyways, I don’t use all of the book’s text; There is a lot of it, but nowhere near all of it, or most of it. I can rewrite some of the prose in my own words, but in that respect I’d probably do a worse job than J. K. Rowling.

If you want to see a Potter fanfic game done right, check out Muggle Studies.