I have some ideas, need input

Sark, you’re supposed to help me on these matters.
I’m trying to recruit people from “another board” as well.

To be honest, some of it is already done, we’re just taking off on another person’s work, and yes, I got permission.
I have to play it all the way through, but we could do a new chapter as well, expanding his world to a much larger one.

The player can play it as an IF, but it’s really AIF, the good news is sex isn’t required to advance the story.
The bad news is we can’t use my favorite AIF character.

(link deleted for TOS violation, with good intentions)

I thought up some extra rooms to unlock (with new maps), extra props (must be found in order), and more vehicles (points for solving puzzles, not finding objects).
Sex is restricted to AIF lots, however in our game, sexual themes (such as public nudity) may be accessed on IF lots depending on which NPC does the action you want (new props include mind control device).
All children in game are young adults (18 - 20 something) to avoid sexual themes with teens, pre-teens, toddlers, infants, or newborns.

Original game called “The Backlot” (without the quotes of course).
Don’t download unless you are 18 or over.
If you are offended by sex, sexual themes, or just obscene language, don’t play this game.

Note: You may not STRIP just anywhere.

Team, we can’t charge for the game and we must give credit to the original author.

What exactly are you asking for input about?

You’ve linked to another website that (I think) isn’t yours and contains a lot of games. What exactly is your game based off of? What are your ideas?

Edit: Ah. Much clearer.

Just edited.

His games are on the games page (archived just before Geocities took it down).
Click on Games Page on his news page.

It seems like you deleted the link for your own reasons, without any prompting from a moderator or admin. That’s cool but casting yourself as the victim of censorship is not.

This may be the least reassuring, most disturbing disclaimer I have ever read.

1: It wasn’t meant as a sympathy ploy or whatever you’re thinking (I would have nothing to gain anyway).

2: The child disclaimer was more for the “behind the scenes” people than the players, however they would also benefit from this notice.

Have you thought out the implications of mind control + implementation of sex?

I am seriously squicked by rape included as an “extra feature”.

The game is AIF (adult interactive fiction).
I hand picked mind control just for that fact (the sexual programming is in it already, called chick.t).
Non consent stories (starts out as rape but in mid action is consented to) is what most adult STORY TELLERS go for.
Violent rape is only a fetish for the player who wants to get right in the action.
This was the intent of the programmer of that library, but we don’t have to do anything with it.

I personally have a perverted side too, even though I don’t consider myself a pervert.
I like, actually love the control aspect of this fetish, but detest violence with a passion and rape even moreso.
This means we’d be working with softcore, mild to strong sexual innuendo, sexually teasing to build sexual tension, voyeurism, exhibitionism, seduction, etc. (seduction is attempted when mind control device is being recharged).

Each NPC (not the same characters) has it’s own personality which may not be compatible with normal hypnotism unless something in her nature is implanted (this usually involves a shower or pretend bath and the feeling that nobody else is around).

The original game was built with Tads 2.
The chick.t library (uses obscenities) can also be used with HTML Tads.
Although I thought we’d be working with Inform, Tads would be the better choice for sex scenes.

I haven’t played any AIF, but it’s certainly not true in the wider sense of erotica/porn. (And even if it weren’t, “everyone else implements rape” is not really a response.)

I’m glad you’re aware of some of the implications involved.

I have so, so many problems with this concept that I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’m not going to go into it farther unless you’re interested. Please, though, put a warning on the game so players know what they’re getting into.

I say “adult” and your mind immediately goes to rape?

I’ve spent some time with the porn/erotica community and rape is not in the majority of the stories (actually incest is, but we don’t need to get into that either).

In fact it can be a “behind closed doors” type thing often seen in PG13 movies.
Like I said, the sex programming is already done and you don’t even have to go though it to advance the story.

It’s an part IF and part AIF story, so just program the IF building interior and the AIF building exterior.

Actually inside the AIF buildings, it will be completely empty until you take someone there, in which case details don’t have to be revealed.


Actually, it was more the bit about making NPC’s have sex without their consent.

1: Rape isn’t in the majority of the erotica community.
In pornographic fiction, non con is in a separate category than rape, in reality it is rape (unless you mean stuff like casual non consented genital touching or something).

2: I said each NPC has her own personality which may be immune to hypnotic suggestion of things not normally done.
If it is attempted to bypass this, anything but sex may be done to her if it’s in her nature.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I only said she or her.
That’s because the person who programed this library liked girl/girl scenes, unless it’s with the player.
There are men in the game too.

So there’s sexual assault against women, but only if it’s in their nature (or if they’ve taken a shower recently)? Well, then, I guess that’s totally okay. Nothing at all problematic there.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear that my concern was not with the level of explicitness (hardcore vs. softcore), but with including issues of consent without at least a warning, and at least avoiding repeating some of the worst stereotypes about rape (that victims secretly like it, that there’s something about a victim that makes hir responsible). It trivializes rape, and you’re doing so as a tacked-on feature: it wasn’t necessary for the original plot or story, it’s just a nice bonus.

That’s the base issue for me whether or not the rape happens behind closed doors.

You know this is just a game don’t you?
It was never meant to be taken seriously.

The author of the original game knew this even before he put in his sex commands.
If you have a problem with this, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! :angry:

Women’s Libbers. :unamused:

Who was it that asked for feedback in the first place?

Ah, yes, “you’re interrogating from the wrong perspective.”
Ooh, I’ve almost got bingo on my Internet Troll Tropes card.

Now maybe you’ll call me a feminist as though it was a bad thing.

Eh, close enough.


I notice IF noob is asking in this & other threads for people to work with him.
This is a public forum open to people of all ages.
I hope anyone considering working with this guy, carefully reads his posts before thinking VERY carefully about giving him their contact details.

The fact he is arguing against those who challenge his posts, shows it’s not a case of mis-communication,
He actually thinks this stuff is cool !!!


Do you want to work with, and give your details to, someone who thinks it is neccessary to tell you to avoid sexual themes with (among others) toddlers, infants & newborns !!!


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I hate to do this but we’re only on page two and we’ve already seen Nazis, accusations of trolling, unnecessary profanity and the omission of a serial comma.

Let’s try to resume civil discussion in a new thread.