I have finally completed my first IF "Maze of the Minotaur"

Greetings to all my fellow IF lovers.
I have recently completed my first ever IF game,
its done in the fashion of those old games from
the early 80’s that we all grew to love and even
hated as children. I programmed this one in Qbasic64
and was wondering if any of you fine folks would
like to give it a shot?

This maze is one level and contains one hundred
rooms. To defeat the mighty Minotaur you will
find clues to the word you will have to speak in
order of defeating it. Once you defeat it and take
the mighty treasure that it has been protecting
for centuries you can save your village from

Input is much appreciated my kind fellows.
Minotaur.zip (417 KB)

Cogratulations on completing your first game! You should put this on IFDB too.

Thank you Mostly Useless, I sure will now :slight_smile: