I have a blog. Yippe-kayay.

Just wanted to let y’all know I’ve started a blog. I’m not going to advertise it anywhere else, because I don’t really frequent all those many places in the net. It’s a repository for thoughts and rants about me, about music, and very much about games. It’s just a place for me to say all those things that don’t really have a place in a forum or a review in IFDB. In short, it’s a blog.


Me too, me too! http://www.ozelotkacke.de. Entirely in German. Not a bit about Interactive Fiction. Enjoy!

See, Dad? Peter started a blog and already he has a ton of stuff to look at. ROFL :laughing: Maybe you should stick some videos on yours at least? snicker :sunglasses:

WTG Peter :exclamation: :sunglasses: :ugeek:

And Dad, if more time passes, I might hafta link to it so everyone can see your, um, “blog”. ROFL wipes tears from eyes :wink:

Aw, gee… Thanks, hun.

Hey I appreciate the encouragement. I would love to spend more time on my projects, and it’s nice to know you agree. So, to free up some time, does this mean you’ll help out around the house more? SNAP! :mrgreen:

hey all, get your blogs on http://www.planet-if.com

its a lot of fun and is a quick, easy way to follow and get-to-know your fellow bloggers!


Well, I was counting on doing that… when I actually got some IF in my blog. As it is, it’s just a blog.

just copy and paste some articles from wikipedia and a recipe or two to round it out and VIOLA, youre done!

Not quite the way I want to go about it, but thanks for the suffestion.

each entry of my blog is directly scanned from a biography of ross perot and the earlier posts are just transcripts of the oliver north hearing.

Dad, here’s an idea:

Yay! :laughing: