I don't play IF



Yeah, I tried to access iplayif.com today and apparently the server is down. Anyone know what happened?

Oh dang. I will investigate asap.

now I do. thanks, Dannii

Looks like iplayif.com is down again:

Yeah I am trying to sort out the domain dns settings. It may take a few more days to fix unfortunately.

And it should all be fixed! :slight_smile:

best “web service” ever :slight_smile:

Hey, would it be useful/not too horrible to put up some mirrors? Like, to have another place where you could enter an URL from any publicly accessible z or glulx game and play it online? I think I could do that on my server without breaking its bandwidth if it’s not too much trouble to set up… not for a week or two though.

I don’t think that’s needed. Github’s hosting is fine. The issue was that they changed their IP addresses and it took me some time to get access to the DNS settings of the domain. The old owner transferred ownership of the domain to me so it won’t be a problem any more.