I do silly things when I'm bored.

Such as attempt to write my own IF engine. Doesn’t have a proper name yet, so it’s just [Topic]Lab like the rest of ‘em. Regex-based input parsing, JSON command defs with Javascript execution, all wrapped up in C#. Seemed easier than trying to reimplement Glulx.

Used the first two rooms in my I7 project as test material. Those are hardcoded right now but the idea is to do that in JSON too. Just a big ol’ folder full of definitions, then later I’d hook up my zip library and allow that instead. Only thing here that I didn’t write myself is the JS interpreter.

… I’ve really no idea why I made it look like that.

I realised earlier that this might’ve been better posted one forum down. Oh well, beginner’s mistake.

In any case, the only thing hardcoded right now is the player – all other hardcoded things have been removed. Items can be taken but not placed down again yet, though that oughta be pretty easy.

Do you think there are things you could do with this engine in a better or more interesting way than existing systems, or was it just for the challenge of it?

I guess it’s just the challenge, yeah.