I am unable to persuade this computer to let me have memory


I have that error message…

… and I don’t really know what to do. Are there memory settings that I can change so that it works ?

I have never seen that error message. Are you running on a modern desktop or laptop?

It implies that the I7 compiler tried to allocate memory but failed. There are no memory settings for this, because operating systems are presumed to always give you memory when you ask for it – even if it means swapping out every other process and slowing your machine to a crawl.

If you were running on an iPhone or something, that would be different, but I7 is not ported to iPhone so that’s not the problem.

If you literally tried to create eight billion instances of a kind, the compiler would just refuse.

So I’m going to venture a guess that you tickled a surprising compiler bug. You should file a bug report (inform7.com/mantis/). If your game is small enough that you can post the source code here, it might be helpful; it’s possible that you’ve made a syntax mistake and the compiler is fumbling the error message.

i’m on a desktop PC … 2 gigas RAM , dual core and so on … I don’t understand

my game is … huge …

I created less than 5 new kinds (of backdrop, rooms, persons…) since the last time it worked. And it seems to be enough to make the translation fail.

My game is also huge, and I haven’t run into any memory trouble.

Are you defining a lot of many-to-many relations on things?

(sorry by advance for every misunderstood : I’m french)

you mean, things like " a person has a person called husband " and so on ?

I have a few, yes.

No, I mean things like “Foo relates various things to various things.” These can eat a lot of game memory, although I wouldn’t expect it to affect the compiler’s memory. I was asking just in case it might turn out to be relevant.

What you quote is a property definition, which should be memory-efficient.

Ok, then. No, I haven’t any created any relations …

It could be bug 894, which is currently private because the reporter’s entire source text is attached. The gist there is that Inform uses inordinate amounts of memory when there are too many rules with conditions in their preambles, rules like Instead of waiting when we have taken the lantern: .... The workaround is to convert them to code like Instead of waiting: if we have taken the lantern: ....while being careful to preserve rule order. If that doesn’t fix your problem, a bug report would be appreciated.