I am confused by DMsg macro error message (adv3Lite)

I’m trying to modify the DMsg okay turn to. Here’s how it is defined in thing.t

DMsg(okay turn to, 'Okay, {I} turn{s/ed} {1} to {2}', gActionListStr, gLiteral);

And here’s my modification…

        Msg(okay turn to, '{I} turn{s/ed} {1} to {2}', gActionListStr, gLiteral),

When I try to build the source, I get this message…

But it look s to me like my modified message is identical to the message defined in thing.t minus the initial Okay in the output string.


You left the initial ‘D’ off of DMsg. I haven’t looked at adv3Lite yet, but that’s the only difference I can spot with the naked eye.

When you modify a DMsg in a CustomMessages object, you only include the id and the string in the Msg macro, not the further arguments, which are simply assumed to remain the same. So your Msg definition should read:

Msg(okay turn to, '{I} turn{s/ed} {1} to {2}'),