Hyperlinks to Websites w/ Inform 7?


First time poster here. Is there a way you can put in a hyperlink that goes to an external website with Inform 7 and Quixe? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

We were discussing that in another thread. At the moment, there is no way to do it.

It would make sense for an interpreter to recognize URLs in the output text and allow them to be launched. Many interpreters already do this, either directly or by virtue of using an OS text widget. (Try right-clicking or ctrl-clicking on a URL in Zoom, for example.)

Whether it works in Quixe depends on your browser, but neither WebKit nor Firefox appears interested in recognizing URLs like that.

zarf, well no browser will ever turn plain text into marked up text. But that’s a fairly simple addition, I think I’ll add it to Parchment too.

Not quite the same thing, but if you right-click a selection of characters beginning with “http://” in Chrome, it gives you the option to go to that URL.

That’s what I meant, actually. But I tried it in Chrome and it didn’t work. Must be either a recent addition to Chrome (I had an old install) or to MacOS (I tried it only on 10.5.)