Hyperlink Interface -- Wrong Kind of Value

Examples demonstrate how to use an extension; they make poor tests. The notion that the three examples could be a good test of Custom Library Messages is laughable.

I’m generally fine with the process as-is. While the occasional broken extension happens, I don’t expect Inform to upgrade its core self forever. When the project’s complete, the broken extension problem will disappear. We’re just experiencing growing pains in the meantime.

I do not want the extensions page to look as complex as a source code repository. It’s off-putting enough for many authors in its current, simple form.

Moreover, many of those extensions can be taken down, their features now absorbed into the core language.

No, I’m not referring to bugs in my code. The bugs I’m talking about were existing bugs in I7 that were exposed by the fact that the newly deprecated syntax could handle situations that the syntax meant to take up the slack could not. (The latter was supposed to be able to handle them, but there were bugs in the I7 parsing that kept it from working as it should have. I believe that these bugs have since been fixed, but due to other limitations in Inform and the complexity of my code, the workarounds ramified into long trial-and-error sessions to get the extensions working again.)

I can see why you might perceive this forum as a place to communicate with the developers of I7 (most posts are about I7, after all), but in fact, as you noted, the core developer (Graham) isn’t at all a regular participant. Still, I’m not sure everything is quite as opaque as you make out. Emailing the developers or posting to the public suggestions site (linked from the I7 home page) don’t seem like wild-card approaches, anyway. :slight_smile: