Huh? The passage is open. [SOLVED]

Hello again,

I have a new bit of code that is just confusing me. I have used the following code to create a secret entrance in one of my rooms. When the secret door is triggered, it goes through and let’s the player know, but when I try to go the direction, it says: “You can’t, since the passage door leads nowhere.”

[discovery of the hidden study.]
The passage door is a secret door. The passage door is east of the study.

Instead of pulling the statuette for the first time:
	say "As you pull on the obsidian statuette, the bookcase to the east slides open revealing a secret passage way!";
	now the passage door is revealed;
	now the passage door is open;
	increase score by 10.

Thanks all for your time! The help has been greatly appreciated.

The output makes it sound like Inform did not form the proper map connection for the other side of the passage door. Remember that the next room should be “east of the passage door”, as if the door is its own room.

If that’s not the actual problem, then we have a curious situation on our hands.

I did some experimenting and it seems that the code was looking for

The passage door is a secret door. The passage door is east of the study and west of the Hidden Study. like a normal door. I’m using an extension to handle the secret doors and it’s probably a documentation issue.

Thanks for pointing out what you did. It got me on the right track to solve it. :slight_smile: