[Hugo] New syntax highlighter for ConTEXT editor

Well, I finally finished combing through the Hugo libraries to fill out the file template that I made to provide syntax coloring for Hugo on the excellent freeware ConTEXT editor for Windows. I’m not completely satisfied with how I grouped different keywords, since it’s impossible to make the editor understand the context in which they are used (accidental pun :wink: ), but I think the syntax coloring if effective, overall.

Here’s the website for the ConTEXT editor. An Inform 6 highlighter file already exists for ConTEXT. I began my work a long time ago by editting the Inform file, but I ended up grouping keywords together very differently.

EDIT: The highlighter file is now available from the Highlighters page on the ConTEXT website: cdn.contextstatic.org/downloads/ … s/Hugo.chl

2ND EDIT: Now available from the IF Archive:
ifarchive.org/if-archive/pro … s/Hugo.chl

I don’t expect many people to have a use for this highlighter, but if anyone can use it, I hope it proves helpful.

I’ve never even heard of the ConTEXT editor (granted, I haven’t heard of quite a number of cool things), but if I used it, I’d certainly give this a shot. I haven’t worked on anything in a while, but will probably get back into it sooner or later.

I have also thrown together (“thrown together” refers to the quality of my work, not the time it took to do it) syntax files for Crimson Editor and Notepad++. For now, you can find them here: http://hugo.gerynarsabode.org./index.php?title=Windows_Apps

Eventually, I will upload them to the IF Archive.