Hugo Help!

I’m trying my hand at ‘real’ coding systems like Hugo and TADS. So here is the simplest Hugo question:

How do I create a Hugo Game?

What program should I open?

Thankyou for reading this!

That is a good question, Timewalker! Unlike many other currently-used IF languages, Hugo still requires the use of a text editor.

More recently, I tried to answer this “how to get start” question at the joltcountry forums:

Further back, I tried to make a page about this at Hugo By Example:

Once you have your game source ready, you’ll be using the Hugo compiler to make your game file: … o_Compiler

This is all covered in the Hugo Book, too:

If you have questions about specific things, I’d be happy to try to answer them.

Oooh, thanks! So now I believe I have to debug it with the Hugo Debugger, compile it with the Compiler and run it with the Engine, right? Thanks again!

That’s right. I wouldn’t worry about the debugger at first, as it can be a bit unintuitive. I tried to introduce it gently here (although a lot of the text is straight out of the Hugo Book):

You won’t really need it until you get to the “grr, why isn’t my code working?” stage.